HoTT 2019

Save the date!  Next summer will be the first:

International Conference on Homotopy Type Theory
(HoTT 2019)

Carnegie Mellon University
12 – 17 August 2019

There will also be an associated:

HoTT Summer School
7 – 10 August 2019

More details to follow soon!

Here is the conference website.

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6 Responses to HoTT 2019

  1. Bartek says:

    I’m an outsider (in differential geometry) interested in learning about HoTT. Do you think there will be travel funding available for graduate students for the summer school?

  2. messias says:

    Will there be video recordings or even a life stream?

  3. Waifod says:

    Can’t wait to be there and meet all those living legends!

  4. Vasily Ga'chin says:

    I have an MS in physical chemistry from UW-Madison plus have written a lot of software, Woud I be welcome? Vasily

    • Mike Shulman says:

      I think anyone interested and able to pay the registration fee is welcome; it’s up to you to decide whether your background is sufficient for you to get anything out of the talks.

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