Here are some past HoTT events.

  • The Institute for Advanced Study had a year-long special program devoted to the Univalent Foundations Program in 2012-13.  See the list of Participants here.  See the Wiki here.
  • May 8 — 11, 2013, there was a special session on Univalent Foundations at the North American Annual Meeting of the Association for Symbolic Logic in Waterloo, Canada. Vladimir Voevodsky was a plenary speaker.
  • September 22 — 27, 2013, there was a Conference on Type Theory, Homotopy Theory, and Univalent Foundations at the Centre de Recerca Matemàtica, Bellaterra (Barcelona).  See the Program announcement here.
  • There will be a special issue of Mathematical Structures in Computer Science, entitled “From Type Theory and Homotopy Theory to Univalent Foundations”.  See the call for papers here.
  • Mathematic Foundations of Programming Semantics in Bath 6-9.6. featured a special session on Logic, Computation and Algebraic Topology, with talks by Andrej Bauer, Nicola Gambino and others.  Steve Awodey also gave an invited lecture.
  • The 4th Workshop on Formal Topology in Ljubljana 15-19.6. featured several talks related to HoTT, including keynote speakers Per Martin-Löf, Ieke Moerdijk, and Vladimir Voevodsky.
  • There was a 4WFT-related Workshop on Higher Dimensional Algebra, Categories and Types in Ljubljana 20.6., with talks by Thorsten Altenkirch, Steve Awodey, Emily Riehl, and others.
  • The European Logic Colloquium in Manchester 12-18.7 featured a special session on HoTT, with talks by Peter Aczel, Nicola Gambino, Martin Hyland, and Peter Lumsdaine.
  • There was a mini-course on Modern perspectives in homotopy theory: Infinity categories, Infinity operads, and Homotopy Type Theory in Swansea, 10-13.4.12, featuring talks by Moerdijk, Gepner, and Shulman.
  • Steve Awodey gave a plenary lecture on HoTT at the 2011 Logic Colloquium in Barcelona.  The slides are here.
  • There was a mini-workshop on the Homotopy Interpretation of Constructive Type Theory, held 27.2.11 – 5.3.11 at the Mathematisches Forschungsinstitut in Oberwolfach Germany.  Here are a few photos, and here is a copy of the workshop report.
  • Here are the slides from Thierry Coquand’s talk at Oberwolfach.
  • Nicola Gambino gave a plenary lecture on HoTT at the 2010 Logic Colloquium in Paris.  The slides are here.

To add something to this list, just leave a reply below.

9 Responses to Events

  1. misha gavrilovich says:

    Watch this space for more complete notes from Voevodsky’s lectures as they become available.

    Are there any video or sound recordings of these lectures available at all ?

  2. Jason Gross says:

    Many of the “upcoming” events are now past. Should this page be updated?

  3. Kyle Ferendo says:

    Probably most users of this page are aware by now, but there will be a HoTT conference at the Fields Institute of UToronto May 15 – May 19 2016. Registration closes May 2.

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