Erik Palmgren Memorial Conference

Erik Palmgren, 1963–2019

Erik Palmgren, professor of Mathematical Logic at Stockholm University, passed away unexpectedly in November 2019.

This conference will be an online workshop to remember and celebrate Erik’s life and work. There will be talks by Erik’s friends and colleagues, as well as time for discussions and exchange of memories during breaks. Talks may be about any topics that Erik would have enjoyed, including but not limited to (in Erik’s words):

– Type theory and its models. The relation between type theory and homotopy theory.
– Categorical logic and category-theoretic foundations.
– Constructive mathematics, especially formal topology and reverse constructive mathematics.
– Nonstandard analysis, especially its constructive aspects
– Philosophy of mathematics related to constructivism.

Online, 19–21 Nov 2020

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1 Response to Erik Palmgren Memorial Conference

  1. Steve Awodey says:

    I first met Erik in December 1996, at a memorial meeting for Helena Rasiowa at the Banach Center in Warsaw. Everyone was complaining about how bitter cold it was, and indeed the snow was blowing sideways. Coming from Chicago in the winter, it actually didn’t seem that bad to me. Erik was of course not bothered one bit. Over the years I came to value not only his mathematics but also his friendship, and especially his quiet warmth and subtle sense of humor. He is missed.

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